Speise – Schabbat lunch

After looking for two days, I found one of Prague’s kosher restaurants. A very unassuming exterior [see Sept. 20 post], and quite a modest interior gave no clue to the raucous, yet religious fervor we would enjoy throughout a 2-hour lunch!

It is operated by the Chabad movement and most of the patrons were, indeed, member of that group, which I liken to the Salvation Army in the Christian world. The members desire and strive to bring unaffiliated and non-observant Jews back to Judaism. With their black and white attire, beards, black hats and zitzit, they are easy to spot.

Statistics show that something like 50% of the Jewish population is biologically or culturally Jewish, but non-observant and highly-assimilated with their surrounding cultures. Chabad would like to change that.

This has been a continuing issue for the Jews since the destruction of the Second Temple, some 2000 years ago. It was the reason for the Maccabbean Revolt, which started as a movement to stop young Jews from identifying with the Greeks a couple hundred years BEFORE the Christian era!

Well, be that as it may, lunch at that restaurant was a memorable experience. Tons of food – both Israeli and Central European, plus tiny glasses for wine, both red and white, poured repeatedly during the meal, combined with loud, joyous singing.

This is just the first course, waiting for everyone to arrive!

So. Here’s what we had: Challot – rolls; cucumber slaw; salat – roasted eggplant slices topped with chopped tomatoes; hummus; lox with gefilte fisch (best I’ve ever tasted); egg salad topped with halved tomatoes. All this was pre-set on the tables, which also had pitchers of water with mint and lemon and the wine.

But that was just the beginning. The second course was cholent, a traditional, long-cooked stew of potatoes, a tiny bit of meat (I thought my mother could stretch meat!), a variety of beans, and some other items which I interpreted as toasted, hard bread crusts. With the cholent was kugel – noodles, in this case they looked like spaghetti cooked into a thick, browned, almost-cake. On the tables were added some cold cuts – thin sliced turkey and some red meat, maybe corned beef, made into a sausage.

There was also chopped liver – by far the worst piece of food I have ever tasted! I had to drink several glasses of wine to remove the taste.

Finally – dessert. A refreshing blend of fresh fruits: oranges, pinapple, kiwi and banana in orange juice. I staggered out of the place at about 3 pm, caught the trams home with no problem, fell on my bed and slept for 4 hours.


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One Response to Speise – Schabbat lunch

  1. Jan Jackson says:

    Sounds good – even the chopped liver – smile./jj

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