Short school day, lots of housework

I may regret how I spent today, because the weather report says to expect rain for the next several days and I want to see the Old Town again and get train tickets to Zurich, but here goes…

* had breakfast

* swept floor, did dishes

* started the laundry. It took about ten minutes to figure everything out, in spite of the reassuring sticker on the front panel of the little front-loader: “Computer Approved. This certifies that a computer has tested and approved this machine!” Clearly I didn’t figure it all out, since it was still going when I left more than an hour later!

* got first tram, stopped at Andel and got a cafe latte doppio at Paul’s, pictured in the video above – that’s just where I stand when I order my coffee! It’s a French-style bakery and coffee place. Sipping contentedly on the coffee, I got the second tram out to the school.

* did our lessons and got out early. I headed right back to the apartment, hoping against hope that the clothes were not now in shreds. Yay! They weren’t. And the clothes weren’t QUITE dripping wet.

* finished the other load of laundry. Ate lunch – strawberries and bananas on oats, then dinner – hummus and crackers. I think my clothes are starting to fit better.

Now, many hours later, the 10 laundered items are still wet. Since one is my nightgown, it is on the gas heater, which is emanating some tiny amount of heat, as I pray that it get dry soon.

Remember the Emauzy church? The Benedictine church I first showed last week? Well, I finally got some great pix of the new steeples. I hope they show why I’m so intrigued and impressed by their grace and beauty, especially in view of the many dark Gothic and Gothic Revival churches all over the place.

Emauzy steeples

Here’s a more distant view:

More distant view. Taken on the same day and from the same tram as the first picture, but gives more context.


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