Catching up – how the trip went

Space Age style train engine. This could have been a TEE Zug – TransEuropeanExpress Train, but actually is a Swiss engine. The SBB stands for Schweizerische Bundes Bahn, Swiss Federal Railways. Gorgeous, eh?

In just two days on the road, so to speak, I met two delightful women. Actually, it was on the rails and in the air. Pix are from Zurich train station, where I had a nice relaxing layover of a few hours.

The first was a Swiss girl of about 25 or 30 years. She was returning to Switzerland to resume her job at ABB, a big company that makes major electrical motors, etc. Yep, she was an electrical engineer. She loves her job, she said, with obvious enthusiasm. She was both pretty and scholarly looking. Fun to talk to, as well.

The other one I met on the train to Prague. I had found the dining car – just one car away, so no precarious balancing act moving from car to car. The waiter came up to me and asked if I was dining alone. I said yes, and he gestured toward a woman sitting, alone, at a table already. She readily welcomed me to sit in the other seat.

Turns out she was Polish, married to a Swiss man, now deceased, so she had Swiss citizenship. We had a great conversation… in German! I was amazed at the vocabulary that came pouring out of me. And that was before I had my little bottle of white wine! At the end of our meal, she gave me her name and address and invited me to visit her. I gave her my card. I can’t wait to go see her again – she lives in St. Gallen, a city I haven’t seen yet. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a computer, so no email.

The train ditched the dining car some time in the middle of the night. What a disappointment not to have breakfast there.

On the plane, a couple was sitting in the two middle seats, while I sat on the aisle seat in that row. These were very pleasant and helpful Germans on their way back to Stuttgart. We just ate and slept, so didn’t talk much, though the husband enjoyed showing his wife and me how to use the little electronic clicker that changed programs.

In the morning, about half an hour from Zurich, the man became very affectionate toward his wife, kissing her hands and smiling happily. I think he hadn’t realized that he had been homesick. He associated his wife with the comforts of home and wanted to show her how much he appreciated her, too. Very sweet.

View from inside Main Train Station in Zurich. This view is of the Swiss National Museum.

Here is the website for the Swiss National Museum, pictured above. I may go visit when I get back to CH.


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