A tourist again – admiring building facades and more

Benedictine Abbey, founded 1347 in Prague.

Went nuts this afternoon getting pix of the real Prague, still digging out from decades of rule by others. They’ve done a fabulous job in the past 20 years trying to recover.

Before we get to our picture gallery, a couple of observations. The citizens of Prague seem more able than anybody else I’ve seen to blend pre-Gothic, Gothic, Baroque and every century from then on, right up until the 20th. Pink and gold appear to be favored colors of stucco on commercial and massive residential buildings.

There is still much renovation going on, but my favorite example of a 40-year old effort is at the Benedictine Abbey of Emmaus in Nove Mesto, a few km south of the Old Town. Founded in 1347 by Charles IV, this splendid Gothic building has been renovated several times. You can see a better picture here.

The brochure I got in English and a city map provided the following info: Two Baroque spires were added in 1769. Destroyed by an air raid in 1945, they were replaced in 1969. The replacements are probably one of the most beautiful architectural examples of the 1960s. The Communists ruling at the time were probably Czech and couldn’t help approving them, or maybe the Benedictines had enough clout to do what they wanted.

Everybody in the Abbey when I was there was Czech. My tourist-ness was evidenced by getting lost and disoriented for a bit after getting out of the church. It was easy to get back on track, thanks to familiarity with the necessary trams.

So, here are a few pix, plus the one at the top.

Modern Obelisk in one of the naves of the Gothic Church – very modern, but also strangely moving.

Interior of Benedictine Abbey’s three-aisled Gothic Church


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  1. Jan Jackson says:

    Love reading your take on things – smile./jj

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