Farmers market

Went to a farmers market set up on Thursday in the square by our school. Young friendly farmers! They had everything – veggies, cheese, wursts, wine and young wine, pastry desserts, little bags of spices, fresh eggs, bread, mueslis, and a lovely sauerkraut and garlic stand.

Everything for the perfect life.

A farmer and the vintner could speak some English, and finger pointing and smiling filled in the gaps. The sauerkraut guy spoke German, so we could talk a bit more.

I finally got an onion. The garlic cloves were preserved in oil and chili. I sauteed half the onion slices in the oil and garlic, then added the sauerkraut. Had some leftover cherry tomatoes which I threw in for color and came up with this:

Prize-winning sauerkraut and tomatoes


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