How Rush Limbaugh is like Mark Twain

The great Rush Limbaugh

The great Mark Twain

Here’s an example of compare and contrast, which we wrote about recently. We were thoroughly indoctrinated in this method of thinking, even though we think there is much to recommend the in-depth and over time ways of thinking.

But we got to thinking about Rush and Mark the other day, when we got an over-the-transom email with several quirky observations, including this one: “First novel ever written on a typewriter – Tom Sawyer.”

That triggered our memories about Mark Twain’s life, which we studied on our own while we lived in Zurich after grabbing a nearly-complete set of his writings in English for sale in a local book store there. He took up every new invention as soon as it came on the market. An early adopter, one might say. He grew up in Hannibal, Missouri.

Rush was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, about 250 miles south of Hannibal, and both located on the Mississippi River. Coincidence?

Rush has always talked about his love of new technology and is proud of being an early adopter. Is there a link between Observers of Public Life and Adoption of New Technologies?  Could be. We, ourselves, seem to be in that category, for example, though not nearly as talented or famous as those two.

Yesterday a comment by Rush perfectly exemplifies one of our constant themes: “Don’t say what you’re not!” In this case, he was talking about the AMAZING coincidence of weather predictions relating to a possible hurricane and where it would make landfall.

He carefully analysed the timeline, including the fact that less than two hours after the Republicans dropped off a day from their convention, weather forecasts no longer were predicting that Tampa was a target, but New Orleans was.

He stressed, strongly, several times during those observations that he was NOT saying anything about a conspiracy. “…I’m not alleging conspiracies here.”

and, later, “Again, I’m alleging no conspiracy. I don’t want anybody thinking I’m going somewhere with this. I’m just telling you what happened.”

Mark Twain would have loved this!


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One Response to How Rush Limbaugh is like Mark Twain

  1. Michael Morrison says:

    When Mark Twain was in France, he encountered a fan, the proverbial little old lady, who told him she had just read one of his books (I forget which) “and it was even funnier in French.”
    Twain agreed. “Yes, it loses something in the original.”

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