Drama on the fish/shellfish front!

Here’s another message from NW Fresh Fish’s Megan:


 I have had a lot of requests for live crawfish, which are caught locally right here at Lake Billy Chinook. I want to assure everyone that I have been working hard to get some, but unfortunately my quest to get them has been filled with drama.

 Due to the mid-west drought, there is a shortage of crawfish, so evil East Coast crawfish monopolies that would normally buy crawfish from…Delaware have come to Oregon and are strong-arming sweet Oregon producers to send their crawfish back East. Or else.

 Oregon producers who have tried to sell locally are being harassed. One guy’s boat mysteriously caught on fire, and another was told he needed to “pay up” on his beer tab at the local watering hole.

 Still, I have searched, even to the crawfish black market. I don’t want to say exactly where it is, but is somewhere behind the Newberg Historic Chapel and Event Center. There is a guy there who always has amazing, fresh seafood. Anyway…

 A Nameless producer who met me back there said, “Yeah, I can get you some crawfish, but they might not be regulation. If you are willing to roll the dice with Oregon Department of Fish and Game, I can get you all the crawfish you need. Cash only. Use a disposable cell phone. Code name ‘Papa Bear.’ Do you have a concealed weapon license?”

Let’s just say I am not ready to go to the dark side and do business with Nameless. So that is where it stands. All drama and no crawfish. I will keep trying my best!!!!

Tune in again for Megan’s next message!


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