First, food…

Food for cattle – Yum. Humans cannot eat grass, only cattle can. They transform grass into edible protein for humans.

I’m buying more and more food from people I know. For years I have been getting my beef from women who raised their cattle on their farms in my county to supplement the rest of the family income from hay and timber and other ag products. They also have vegetable gardens and we trade our excess produce with each other.

Now, I’m buying my eggs from the young woman down the road. She also sells frozen whole chickens, which she just comes right out and calls “carcasses.” A bit disconcerting for a city girl, but that is what a dead, plucked chicken is! Here’s her webpage:

And then there’s my fish seller – I think they buy from wholesalers, but the down-home feel and guaranteed just-caught nature of most of the piscine delights. Some are frozen blocks, such as the fresh, frozen anchovies, which looked for all the world like Michigan smelt. But after extensive Googling, I find they are quite different from one another.

The business name is Northwest Fresh Seafood, but they only have a FB page and no website that I could discover.

Megan, the woman who sends emails to customers, is just hilarious. Tomorrow, I’ll publish a recipe she just sent, but today, just a sample of her writing style:

I am thinking about bringing in some live Maine Lobster on Friday. If you have interest, please email me by the end of today. The lobsters are very particular, and only like to travel in groups of 12. It’s a final comfort for them before hitting the big metal pot. So if a lot of you are interested, I will make it happen. Let me know! $15.00/lb. The lobsters are 1-1.5 pounds each.

 lob•ster hug -noun 1. A variation of the bear hug: a) a stiff embrace performed by New Englanders whose inbred Puritanism makes physical affection awkward. b) a clingy, pincer-like hug

More tomorrow!


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