Culture everywhere – music, drama, food…

Beaucoup Chapeaux of Nevada City, Calif.

This place is just full of culture. This is undoubtedly true where you live as well. We have found this statement to be true no matter where we have lived: European city, tiny town, medium-size county seat, university town… You have to know where and how to find it, though.

We’re talking specifically about a wonderful music performance we attended last night, but we were reminded of a play we saw almost a year ago. We just happened to catch a notice about this group in the local paper.

Now, we’re not talking high school or college plays, academic lectures or concerts, city operas or ballets, or other similar events.

These cultural delights we are talking about are organic, self-sponsored and heart-felt. The musical group, Beaucoup Chapeaux we saw last night was so much fun. The link doesn’t do them justice at all. All four members are better looking and livelier than you’d think from looking at the link. They all found themselves in Nevada City, Calif., about four years ago, and the rest is history.

Last night, they played in a dingy, dusty downtown musical instrument retail business that looked like a dilapidated, used book store. The acoustics were atrocious, but the snacks were good and healthful.

All that being said, IFO liked the music and musicians so much she got one of their CDs which she is enjoying thoroughly. The no-longer-young musicians played European cafe music that took us back to our trips to Europe: Paris, Cracow, Prague, Firenze, Milano, even the Niederdorf in downtown Zurich.

To top off the evening, IFO and a friend went to the cool, gourmet restaurant ( Recipe, a neighborhood kitchen – sorry, it’s just a Facebook page) just a few blocks from the music store, but considerably better maintained. We had a cherry clafouti and strong coffee – an appropriate way to end the night.

Investment lesson – always subscribe to your local paper, you never know what gems you’ll find.


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