The U.S. Supreme Court is not your friend

The news spotlight has turned again on the Supreme Court of the United States. Talk show guys and print pundits are holding forth on what the liberals and conservatives and possible swing votes on the court will do on this that and the other decision coming down soon.

Yesterday there was one biggie: they overturned Arizona’s legislature’s attempt to get the US fed govt to enforce current immigration laws. Said AZ can’t do it. The decision allowed the police to ask for identification, but the Obama administration stopped that with a single swift blow, saying they wouldn’t respond to local law enforcement requests for verification of legal residency. So much for immigration reform.

Up next: Obamacare. A massively bureaucratic and massively expensive attempt to control medical insurance and medical care for everyone in the U.S. without reference to their legal status. See above.

Based on previous SCOTUS decisions we hereby predict:

* a split vote with several dissenting and concurring decisions.

* some provisions overturned, possibly the individual mandate, but with most federal provisions left intact.

* strong leaning toward ever more federal government power.

It is the Supreme Court of the United States, after all. They don’t view themselves as upholding the powers of the individual states, or even individuals most of the time. States rights are gone – libs, cons, indies on the court all seem to agree. The people don’t matter either.

A little-noticed decision announced this week was the SCOTUS overturning a 100-year old Montana law limiting corporate political spending, ending the state’s resistance to the court’s decision on Citizens United and effectively expanding that ruling to the state and local elections.

Political conservatives, the idiots, will be cheering this, while booing the AZ decision. What they don’t realize is that SCOTUS almost always upholds federal restrictions and empowerments and extends them to state and local jurisdictions. Ideology doesn’t matter.

After all, we’re the federal government – we’re bigger, we’re better, we’re stronger, and we know more than you peasants do.


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One Response to The U.S. Supreme Court is not your friend

  1. savernation says:

    Like it or not Roberts cut a deal yesterday.

    The upholding of Arizona’s right to check immigration status of detainees, if included in another police action, would have been struck down as a 4-4 decision would have reverted the decision back to the 9th circuit decision. If this would have happened, then Arizona 1070 would have been void in its entirety. As it is, States retained their rights to check Immigration Status when detaining arrestees or others lawfully detained pending investigation or traffic citations.

    Principle or Pragmatism? Maybe both?

    Let’s face it, Justice Kennedy is runing this court and this country!

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