What’s up with Madame Butterfly?

We’ve been noticing that our very most popular post was the one on the opera, Madame Butterfly. What’s that about???

Knowing that IFO is often behind the times, with no little trepidation, we googled the term, half-expecting porn sites to come up, or descriptions of how it is used for slang to mean ???

Nothing of the sort, thank goodness. We did get a Wikipedia entry on the short story by John Luther Long upon which a play by David Belasco was based, that Giacomo Puccini saw and was inspired to write the most-produced opera in the history of this art form.


In fact, the opera just played two days ago in Manila, Philippines, to wild audience acclaim.

We’re not sure what YOU would get, if you googled the term, now that we’re getting more and more news about how search engine optimizers and other gurus of the Internet industry are crunching search info to produce customized results for different searchers.

Would IFO have gotten dirty pictures or naughty sites if she had a different search history? We’ll never know. Maybe we should do this with one of our laptops which we used either for business or for travel info while we’re on the road. Maybe the first offering would be the Madama Butterfly Hotel in, say, Florence, Zurich or London. Who knows?

If any readers would like to do a comparison, we’ll google it again and compare our results with yours. Are you game?

Wow! Google (GOOG) is fast. We went to google the term again and M.B. came up on top this time! We got almost 2 million results, most on the opera – librettos, YouTube recordings, etc., but some on retail shops with Madame in their names. Wow.


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