Road trip!

It’s fun to get out once in a while. We just got back from another trek up to Silverdale, Washington for a quick one-day turnaround. Some highlights:

* Got a full view of Mt. St. Helens for many miles from I-5 as we drove north. This stretch of the road is normally overcast, often raining. In fact, we didn’t see it at all on the way back south.  It is GORGEOUS! Photos do not do this brave mountain justice.

It blew its top on May 18 thirty-two years ago and its so-called dome-building has not produced much change, so far.

* On the road

— bumpersticker, probably about 10 years old, but still good for a laugh:

Martyrs or Marines – Who do you think gets the virgins?

— roadside beggar, looks more kempt than most we’ve seen. On his cardboard sign:



* News we missed while we were gone:

A Noted bear Becomes (a Little) Bullish, published June 15 by the WSJ. See our post on June 6, when we called it the Walker bounce.

The bear is the famous and well-respected David Rosenberg, who said “his newfound optimism was crystallized by the votes last week in Wisconsin and California. He sees those representing a sea change in the way state and local governments are addressing their fiscal problems, and expects that attitude will sweep across statehouses and eventually filter up to the national level.”

We are pleased at the conjunction of opinions.


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