Sp*mmers getting smarter

Hat tip: Calvin Ayre.com

Got a great spam. We still deleted the posted comment, but love the teaser message, full of wisdom and humor, so we reproduce it here. We’re not sure about the attributions, the copy was kind of confusing.

Pappy|Rule: Never perform card tricks for the people you play poker with.

Wilson Mizner|: The more chance there is of stubbing your toe, the more chance you have of stepping into success.

Minnesota Fats|: When I played pool I was like a good psychiatrist. I cured ‘em of all their daydreams and delusions.
Proverb|Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something.

Runyon, Damon|: The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that is the way to bet.

Anon. |: You don’t gamble to win. You gamble so you can gamble the next day.

Anon|: Guessing has never been widely acclaimed as a good gambling strategy.

Dr. G|: Luck sometimes visits a fool, but it never sits down with him.

German Proverb|: No wife can endure a gambling husband,unless he is a steady winner.

Good morning, all!

P.S. Here’s a bonus to all of our faithful readers – a new addition to our Blog Roll:



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I've been investing in various assets by myself using a discount broker for many years. Over that time, I've developed some theories that others might find useful. Plus, there is more to investing than money. Time, talent, work, friends, family all go into developing a good and satisfactory strategy.
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