Walker bounce – voters and taxpayers win in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Commentators are getting it wrong – again. Financial pundits are saying that this morning’s big jump in the stock market is due to some European action. We don’t think so. We think the American market has been hit by a huge burst of optimism following Gov. Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin.

Americans ARE special! They are realistic. They are exceptional. Our future will be built by people who WORK for a living. Did anyone notice how much Gov. Walker stressed that word? The election was more than an endorsement of Walker.

Though practically ignored in all the hoopla about the governor’s race, three state senators were also up for recall,  and they also won their races. A fourth race is too close to call, but if the Dem wins, the Wisconsin Senate will have a one-person majority.

OTOH, as the Milwaukie JournalSentinel says in its next to last graf on the story, “The Wisconsin legislature will be out of session until after the general election in November, when 16 of the body’s 33 seats will be up for grabs, meaning any new Democratic majority would be fleeting.”

Folks, this was a rout for arrogant, socialist, selfish, greedy union bosses! Did you notice that public employee union membership has dropped by half since Walker’s reforms were enacted? Did you notice that public employees kept their jobs? That school districts saved enough moneyto keep class sizes down by being able to break the public employee health insurance monopoly and getting less expensive insurance coverage? There were many economic issues involved in the Walker reforms and Wisconsin voters recognized this.

Election spending? That’s the excuse the political pundits are proffering to explain the, to them, inexplicable loss last night. Yes, to them it seemed a loss, though voters and taxpayers clearly viewed the results as a win. Keeping government small and taxes down is the way to economic health and Wisconsin voters proved they support that idea.

In our long, vast experience watching elections, we’ve seen more than our share of underdogs pulling off a big victory on the strength of their character and message. It’s true that candidates and measures need enough money to get their messsage out, but with brains and hard work, financial deficits can be, and have been, overcome.

This vote has restored our confidence in the intelligence and commitment of Americans to take care of themselves and each other without looking to nanny govt.


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