More on regulations – even worse than you think

Not long ago, we had a post on the evils of regulations. We cited Federal, State and Local (city) laws and ordinances that frustrate and anger business owners. If a company manages to get big enough to slough off the compliance issues to some poor low-level employee, executives and managers can concentrate on building the business. Otherwise, the owner(s) have to do it all.

Our next example of the evils of regulation is a heart-breaker on many levels. First, local regulations such as building codes to prevent fires, well-meaning to begin with, have ballooned all out of proportion to the original intent. Small ventures, already a risky business, often buckle under the burden.

Second, regulations are adding to the mess that our large cities are already in – high unemployment and poverty being key problems. Adding to this is the fact that many cities run the urban public schools, so financial problems leak over there as well.

We’re not going to bash public employee unions today, though they deserve a weekly thrashing, because we are concentrating on the pernicious effect regulations have on the local economy. Notice that every single permit requirement, by itself, seems small. $600 – that’s not so bad. But there’s more – much more, and it’s not just in Chicago.

Here is the excellent video report by one of our favorite reporters (we met her in person in Las Vegas last year!!!), the beautiful and intelligent Alexis Garcia of PJTV:

Chicagoland Shakedown – Why It’s Impossible to Run a Business Without Breaking a Law


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