This wasn’t our original plan for today’s post, but Yahoo! squeezed our hearts with this story. A little girl’s pre-school in the U.K. sent her home when she appeared in this hair style, pictured at left, done by her own father.

Is that cute, or what? Reminds us of the elf Halloween costumes we made for our darling daughters.

But why not let her in school with this darling hairdo? According to the Yahoo story,

“…the primary school his daughter attends has a very strict dress code, which is detailed on its website. With regards to hair, the school requests ribbons or bows are “made of dark colors, maroon/navy blue/black” and states strictly that “Hair braids/beads may not be worn.”

This is just one aspect of the regimentation that schools lock our kids down with. No individuality or creativity allowed, thank you very much. Schools and other advocates of strict dress codes “…believe they’re protecting students by  encouraging discipline and eliminating classroom distractions.” Yeah, right.

Do read the entire story – it’s quite well written for Yahoo.

1984,” anyone? That scary book was written by a British author, George Orwell. This is more to Orwell than his book, but its fame has overshadowed all of his other accomplishments.



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