Oh, what a night!

Storm approaching

Wow, what a night last night was. A perfect drama, staged by G-d Himself! Kind of an “Upstairs-Downstairs” type of show, or the opera “Ariadne auf Naxos,” where two-tiered dramas play out – with one plot for the higher ups and another for a bunch of comedians.




Here’s the beginning of the Met Opera’s synopsis of Ariadne by R. Strauss:

“In the salon of “the richest man in Vienna,” preparations are in progress for a new opera seria based on the Ariadne legend, with which the master of the house will divert his guests after a sumptuous dinner. The Music Master accosts the pompous Major-domo, having heard that a foolish comedy is to follow his pupil’s opera, and warns that the Composer will never tolerate such an arrangement.”

Rain pours off roof

Okay, rather than this kind of opera, what we enjoyed last night was a baseball game of the utmost excitement in which our team won! Oregon v. Oregon State – our team is Oregon State. It was just fabulous and included a bases-loaded homerun in the ninth inning of what had been an excruciatingly close game. Let’s say this was the comedians.

Sun Setting



The serious part was an outrageous thunderstorm complete with lightening, a heavy downpour of rain, lightening, and spectacular scenery! One huge KEE-RACK of thunder was particularly noteworthy. We kept running out onto the porch to take pix. The storm finished about 20 minutes after the game was over.

Last glimpse of sun

Storm abating




The sunset lasted about half an hour – just like an opera – taking a looonnng time to wrap up.


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