More news the warmists won’t like

Headline in today’s Houston Business Journal: Shale boom has led to lower U.S. carbon dioxide emissions

“The International Energy Agency says the shale gas boom in the U.S. has led to a domestic decline in carbon dioxide emissions as generators use more low-price natural gas over coal, the Financial Times reports. Greenhouse gas emissions, says the IEA, have dropped off nearly 5 million tons in five years, which is more than any other country the agency examined.”

Life must seem miserable for people who believe in man-caused global warming (MCGW). They keep getting mugged by reality.

News leaking out about bogus or tinkered-with data, otherwise known as ClimateGate; reports of coldest weather on record here and there; predictions getting thrown back in their faces – remember “next season will see record number of hurricanes/tornadoes?” Didn’t happen.

And now the carbon dioxide non-problem is evaporating as well. Two ways to go on this terrible news, warmists. A. Declare that MCGW is over and MCGC (cooling) is here as the new emergency. B. Accuse the International Energy Agency of lying and being in the pay of the energy industry.

As if to rub it in, the HBJ also reports that Texas’ economy is strong and growing fast. In 2012 so far, driven by the energy and manufacturing industries, according to Comerica Bank, the state’s job growth has far outpaced the rest of the country: unemployment rate was 7 percent in March.

“The bank’s index looks at a mix of economic indicators, including nonfarm payrolls, sales tax revenue, exports, hotel occupancy rates, claims for unemployment insurance, building permits and Baker Hughes rotary rig count,” the HBJ said.


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