More wise sayings

We just found these lying around in our notes as we once again tried to clear our real desktop.

* Expectations create our future.

* “Den Esel kennt man an den Ohren.” Die Kluge, by Karl Orff

* Robert Downey, Jr. on Sherlock Holmes (WSJ, 9/4/2009):

“…he has this dedication to doing the right thing to the exclusion of doing all other things. He sacrifices everything so he can become better at what he does.”

* “Only a fool waits for top dollar.” — Joseph P. Kennedy, (no clue as to which J.P. Kennedy, sounds like the paterfamilias.)

Readers, do you have any wise sayings to contribute to this list?


About InvestingforOne

I've been investing in various assets by myself using a discount broker for many years. Over that time, I've developed some theories that others might find useful. Plus, there is more to investing than money. Time, talent, work, friends, family all go into developing a good and satisfactory strategy.
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