55-year old grandma tries out for NFL cheerleader

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports for this great action photo of Sharon Simmons.

A news report that really cheers us up is the one about Sharon Simmons, a 55-year old grandmother of two, who has just spent a weekend trying out for the 2012 Dallas Cowboys cheerleader squad. She’s from Texas, so this dream of hers is understandable.

For this, we do not complain. Yes, we ranted against looking for a job, instead of creating and working on a career, but this is different. This goal gave her direction for 33 years, control over a portion of her life, and motivation to work toward a goal. What does she do in her day job? She’s a fitness instructor. This explains why her dream is not so far off as the horrible term “grandmother” would imply.

Another thing we like is that she didn’t sit around waiting for someone to offer her an opportunity, or complaining that she didn’t get any breaks as a young woman, etc. And, whether she makes the squad or not, her life as a fitness instructor is set forever, not to mention the great fees she’ll be able to command as a motivational speaker on the conference circuit.

Go, girl, go! We’re with you all the way.


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