Best headline of the week and other tidbits

* Best headline of the week: “U.S. Creates New Spy Service  – Because 16 intelligence agencies just wasn’t enough.” HT to Mish, an honored member of our Blog Roll. This is a brand new website for us.

* Listened to a great college baseball game last night and heard a strange comment. The batter hit a line drive to right, fielder scooped it up and fired to first for the out. Announcer: “That was a democratic out.” ??? He explained it was a line from “Bull Durham.”

IFO missed that movie – clearly a lacuna in her education.  The quote is here: “Quit trying to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring and besides that, they’re fascist. Throw some ground balls. They’re more democratic.” – Crash Davis to Nuke

Oh, the game last night? Beavers won 7-1.

* Talked to a farmer recently. He said he had had an epiphany (not his exact words). “Farming is 40% trucking business.” We had been talking early American transportation including the HUGE wagons used to move freight around the colonies.

He related his experience going from four relative small trucks used to get harvested grain out of the fields and into storage or on to ships for export. He replaced those trucks with two bigger ones, and freed up two more people who could help in the fields rather than (waste work time: implied) driving truck. He pointed out how much trucks are used in farming: getting seed and fertilizer out to the fields, getting produce back and moving it to market.

* In 1852, the grandmother of a dear friend got married at age 15. She joined her husband in his wagon train transporting goods from the Eastern U.S. to the southwest. “She was the lone woman on the wagon train with 50 drivers, her husband, a cook and a bookkeeper,” says the memoir, compiled from her diary and memories of grandchildren, “With a Doll in One Pocket and a Pistol in the Other: Rebecca Cohen Mayer, 1837-1930”. It’s a great book – we highly recommend it.

Covered wagon on Santa Fe trail - courtesy National Park Service

Investment lessons? Good managers are always looking for ways to become more efficient. All we have to do is find them.


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