Medicaid in the news suddenly

We’re seeing news and opinion pieces about Medicaid all over the place lately. Hmmm, this Monday the U.S. Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments against the blockbuster law commonly known as ObamaCare.

Polls continue to show huge public resistance even in the face of massive pushback on the part of the Obama Administration and all of its many tentacles. Why does the public hate this law so much?

Basically it is because it is another huge step toward more massive budget deficits while taking over the health insurance business and as a consequence, the health care business: hospitals, doctors, nurses, nursing homes, hospice services, and more… much more.

Medicaid is just a portion of this mess. It has been in effect for many years and is intended to supply medical care/insurance for poor people and children via individual state offices. It is welfare. Like it or not, the similarity in the names of the two programs is not a coincidence. Confusing people is what bureaucrats and leftists do best.

Only a few people know what is actually in the full ObamaCare law – many have read snippets of it and shuddered. It had thousands of pages to begin with. Now U.S. Health and Human Services Dept. is finally beginning to issue regulations implementing it and there are hundreds of thousands of additional pages. How can this possibly work?

Look for the word counts in this article here. Here’s the core of the piece:

What is more telling is the word count comparison. The Obamacare statutes together contain 425,116 words. Compare that to 1,147,271 words published so far in Obamacare regulation documents. The regulations are 270 percent as long as the statute itself.

The 1.1 million words in Obamacare regulations published so far are only a fraction of the regulations yet to come.

These are critical times we are living in… but when haven’t we lived in critical times?


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