Reining in EPA is Paul’s objective, but we think there’s more to come

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul

While his dad, Ron Paul, is going around the country giving Republicans fits and delighting libertarians, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is going after the Environmental Protection Agency, which is giving new meaning to the term “bureaucratic overreach.”

Haven’t read about this? We haven’t seen much about it either. But we suspect this issue won’t go away.

An important trio of concepts relating to economic stability and prosperity applies to this matter. 1. State laws, regulations (bad enough as is) and agencies should trump federal agencies. 2. Protection of property rights is essential. 3. The rule of law, not regulations by unelected bureaucrats, is critical.

A new website we just found called EPA abuse reports, in part, about Sen. Paul’s proposal:

The bill would redefine “navigable waters” to explicitly clarify that waters must actually be navigable, protect the rights of states to have primary authority over the land and water within their borders, prohibit federal agents from entering private property without the express content of the landowner, among other things.

The EPA has created a nightmare for many Americans. Back in October 2011, Sen. Rand Paul held a roundtable forum to speak with Americans who have fallen victim to the EPA’s abuses.  Mike and Chantell Sackett of Idaho were present to share their tragic story. The couple bought a plot of land to build a house on back in 2006. Mike and Chantell made sure that they were following all of the laws before starting construction. Chantell even met with an Army of Engineers official who informed her that they did not need a permit to build a house on their own land.

BTW, in our experience, “nightmare” doesn’t begin to describe the devastation the EPA has visited upon businesses and individuals all over the U.S. Let’s hope Sen. Paul reaches his objective.


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2 Responses to Reining in EPA is Paul’s objective, but we think there’s more to come

  1. More lies. Regarding the poor abused Sacketts:
    “The documents, obtained from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under the federal Freedom of Information Act, show that the couple disregarded the opinion of a wetlands expert they hired to evaluate their property. The Sacketts also passed up an offer from the Army, which shares jurisdiction over wetlands with the EPA, to seek a permit that might have allowed work to continue on the site with little delay,

    Tom Duebendorfer, a biologist who specializes in wetlands, confirmed to The Associated Press that he advised the Sacketts in May 2007 that their property was a wetlands and that there were wetlands on three sides of their land.

    He also said it would have been relatively easy and inexpensive for the Sacketts to fill out what is called an “after-the-fact” permit with the Corps of Engineers that is intended for situations like the Sacketts’. Such a resolution could have avoided the court case that has followed.

    Sorry- these people were selfish idiots. Again and again we see individuals, and states, operate in their own narrow self interests with little or no regard to its effects on others.

    Without “federal interference” – there would be no trees in the pacific northwest, no mountains- just pits in the coal belt, no waterways left safe to fish from- and no fish left to fish…Sorry- I don’t like “big government” much- but it is a sad statement on human faults that they are needed.

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