Big secret: Freezing cold weather all over Europe

Have you heard? Of course not. The big news in Europe is that a record cold spell is creating havoc, stopping planes, trains and cars, and actually killing people.

There is so much snow in Rome that the Mayor ordered shovels distributed to all Romans who wanted to help move it off of sidewalks and roads.

More than 300 people have died in Ukraine, the Czech Republic and other parts of Eastern Europe due to freezing weather.

Heathrow Airport in the UK is canceling flights. You can find more if you do a brief search on the Internet.

Why isn’t this news on American radio and tv stations? They run little irrelevancies like lost hikers, kidnapped daughters, etc., but when a real crisis hits… crickets. A brief snippet about some minor trouble in Syria (how many killed by the Syrian government?), but the soccer riot in Egypt got more coverage.

This is why American tv is losing its audience. You get more info from Al Jazeera or Russia Today and that’s really saying something bad about our media.

Coincidence? Nope – as long as the global warming/global climate change hoax continues to run riot in academia and the East Coast of the U.S., you won’t get much news about the actual cold weather we are seeing.


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