Shocka! Ancient Roman officials multi-tasked

Scipio is appointed edile, though technically under age

While on a quest for pronunciation of minutiae, (it was “minooshee-ee,” not “minooshiah,” as IFO had always mispronounced it), we found the word “aedile,” rhymes with “beedle.”

The illustration, at left, is a giclee print by Augustyn Mirys, offered by

IFO didn’t know how to pronounce it either. If you did know, please feel free not to share that with us.

But those details aside, here’s what creeped us out – the definition of an aedile:

an official in ancient Rome in charge of public works and games, police, and the grain supply

Wow! What a powerful combination. Today, we would call it “Crowd Control” or “Riot Squad.” Or, oh, how about, “Homeland Security.”

Hope this doesn’t ruin your weekend.


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