Weather/climate news – video

We’ve already talked about the well-attended meeting of the Oregon chapter of the American Meteorological Society last week.  Now, Pres. Steve Pierce has put up the 2-hour 43 minute video made by an interested member, Erik Holm.

It is well worth your time to watch the whole thing. These three presenters all came from different points of view and scientific experience, so they each had different, valuable points to make to support their idea that there is little, if any, warming of the climate occurring. More likely there is some cooling.

They successfully adhered to their instructions from Pres. Pierce to avoid politics. The Q&A was most interesting. It starts at about 2:10:00.

Early in the meeting, Steve asked for a show of hands about how many in the audience did not believe that human activity was causing global warming. About 90% raised their hands to indicate they did not believe in AGW (anthropogenic global warming).

The meeting was in the Portland Oregon airport area at the Shilo Inn.


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