Global Warming meeting was a blast!

IFO joined many groups promoting last night’s meeting of the Oregon chapter of the American Meteorological Society at the Shilo Inn. The group’s president had a summary up bright and early this morning, which we bring to you now, plus his introductory comments.

Capacity Crowd of 500+ Attends Global Warming Meeting In Portland

Vancouver, Washington (January 26th 2011) – “The much-talked-about Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) meeting on human caused global warming drew a capacity crowd of just over 500 attendees last night in Portland and spilled over to nearly three hours.

Last night’s meeting was the single largest gathering in the history of our AMS chapter, eclipsing that of the George Taylor / Phil Mote global warming debate at OMSI back in 2007.

This meeting was months in the making and I am happy to say that it was a logistical success. Voluntary donations at the door far exceeded our expectations and essentially covered the entire cost of having to reschedule the meeting.

There is no doubt that the anticipation leading up to last night’s meeting was elevated on both sides of this debate. Everyone has an opinion on this topic and some folks are quite direct in how they feel about it.

We anticipated a heightened level of anxiety over this meeting from the beginning, yet at the same time we felt it was important to uphold our chapter’s mission statement. In the end it was professional, informational and engaging.

I was generally pleased with the tone of the overall meeting from both an audience and presenter perspective. If there were audience disagreements with what any of our guest speakers presented, it was done so respectfully and only occurred during the formal Q&A session.

Both the audience and the presenters for the most part stuck to the science of the topic at hand and left the politics out.

“The Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society has no formal position on the subject matter of climate change. Our society is committed to our mission statement which reads:

The purpose of this society shall be to advance professional ideals in the science of meteorology and to promote the development, exchange, and application of meteorological knowledge. To that end, we are planning to host a future meeting with the opposing side of this subject matter. We plan to have all of last night’s presentations uploaded to the Oregon AMS website within the next 48 hours, along with a complete video of the meeting to follow that.” Check back soon for the presentations at:


Contact: Steve Pierce, President, Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society
OR-AMS web site:

Please see four selected event photo’s attached. Also, here is also a link to a complete slide show of all Tyler Mode pictures from last night:

(See Event Photos Attached) Permission granted to reuse information below. Please quote directly.


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