Re-branding has begun

Wow, these enviros don’t mess around. It was less than a month ago that we reported that global cooling > global warming > climate change was going to be “re-branded” because the public has caught on to the BS (bogus science) scam. It is already under way. They even followed our tongue-in-cheek advice! It’s to be “extreme weather events!” Or, EWE, pronounced: eeewwww!

So, are you ready? They have built in some flexibility and expanded the vocabulary, so different terms can be used. If one gets busted, they have several in their bag of tricks. Here’s a bit from the lead graf in one of the websites that is promulgating this stuff.

“The idea of bringing local governments together to build resiliency to common problems – such as extreme weather events, economic hardship and water management – via a “Compact” was spawned after [the group] led successful Climate Future Forums throughout the … Valley and developed a similar initiative in … Florida.”  They have even held the “first-ever … Resilience Compact Summit…”

“Extreme Weather Events” gets around that terrible tendency of weather/climate not to cooperate with the scaremongers. No sooner do they predict something (multiple hurricanes, intense heat waves, killer cold snaps, etc.) than it doesn’t happen. However, extreme weather events are taking place all the time all over the world. Problem solved.

A little additional research reveals that they have used this term for several years. We’re surprised they haven’t been laughed out of the picture. But no. When you need a disaster or crisis, they stand ready to help.

We think “resilience” will eventually come to mean “control.”

“Compact” is the new term for “Metro” or “Council of Governments,” etc.  Statists always want to merge territories, just as they combined small one-room schools into massive, unmanageable, consolidated school districts. It’s easier to control a few entities than hundreds or thousands.

Even conservatives fall for this, not realizing the full implications. They think they’ll get rid of a few top administrators, not thinking about how many vice-administrators can be shoveled, unnoticed, into the new entity.

Under all of this is the issue of control – a recipe for economic disaster, increasing poverty, debased currency, more cynicism in the population and general civic disorder. Yes, we do have all that already. It will just get more intense as the “saviors” continue their depredations.


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