U.S. Constitution is not up-to-date

Bully? or Bureaucrat?

Sorry, all you defenders and promoters of the U.S. Constitution, but that venerable document is not up to date. What got us thinking about this contentious subject was an essay we ran into recently.

The author was commenting on the founders’ determination to avoid EVER being threatened by a foreign army again. Hence, the Second Amendment, guaranteeing us citizens the right to keep and bear arms. As you know, King George III had an army over here in New England with rifles pointed at us, the peasa.. uh, people before we gained our independence.

The founders thought that if we had our own militia (the way the Swiss have done ever since they passed their own constitution in 1848, based on ours, by the way), we would be safe from being over-run by an Army, like Napoleon’s or King George’s.

But there was something these thoughtful founders didn’t think of. While both populations may be protected from bullets by having an armed population (we’re not sure that premise applies to the U.S. any more, given the schooling our children have undergone), it is clear we are not safe from bureaucrats.

Anyone who has ever applied for a permit or a license or an airline ticket knows what bullies bureaucrats can be. And we are being coerced more and more into boxes that require permits or licenses to get out of.

Many bullying bureaucrats are women with soft, high, sad, meek voices. What red-blooded man would even consider using a gun to get his way? Fighting this soft tyranny is far more difficult than fighting an army and armed conflicts over the past couple of centuries have taken about four years to decide the outcome. How long will it take to defeat bureaucrats?

Remember, when it is one-on-one: bully vs citizen – the citizen has no chance of winning, so there has to be another solution.


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