Scream rooms outrage parents; try orange juice as incentive

Lots of news today about scream rooms where special ed kids go to, hopefully, calm down. The rooms used to be called time-out rooms. We don’t know why the terminology changed.

Usually the new descriptor is a euphemism, chosen to hide the purpose of the offending term. As in say, special ed, rather than the previous, learning disabled, which was used in place of retarded, which was changed from idiot. Each term was deemed insulting and/or hurtful and changed.

Time-out to us sounds much more benign than scream.

But, what to do about the poor kids? They are suffering, as are their fellow students who have to listen to them, as are their teachers and the aides who are supposed to be teaching them how to behave properly, as are the parents, who are just outraged. Our question is: what do the parents want?

This is a very highly complex problem. We couldn’t even construct a sentence to describe the various problems everyone is facing. Our final thought on this is: if the parents don’t like how their kids are being treated, they really should removed the kids from the school. Heretical thought, we know, but really, what else can you do?

Here’s a suggestion for a temporary fix, if the classroom teachers can get the kids calm enough, a glass of orange juice might help. The vitamin C and the great taste of this drink could quiet them down in a hurry. Then the orange juice could be used as an incentive for good behavior.

We thought of giving milk, especially warm milk, but we understand that many kids are now allergic to milk.

Our interest in this topic is longstanding, since the care and education of special ed kids is extremely costly and must be hurting school districts across the country. It used to be a good thing to have a few special ed kids because federal funds were available to supplement local funds.

It was kind of an incentive to the school districts to identify more and more special ed kids. But unintended consequences are now piling up and school districts are doing their own screaming about lack of funds.


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