Do we have to go to California to get good news?

As seen on TV in Calif. Dec. 29, Judge blocks Calfornia’s low-carbon fuel rule, raising questions in Oregon. Can’t say we agree with the court’s reasoning as we understand it, but we certainly support the result! The entire underlying “reason” for these laws was based on bad information about alleged global warming.

Funny that the judgment came out during the week between Christmas and New Year’s holidays, when no one is paying attention to the news.

Also, in another great court decision reported on Thursday, the California Supreme Court  upheld a law that killed all urban renewal projects  (now known as redevelopment projects) in the state. See really biased report on this here. Again, we don’t agree with the underlying philosophy, but we certainly agree that redevelopment agencies should go!

Here’s a little background reading on Oregon’s redevelopment agencies by the Oregon Dept of Revenue. Great for curing hangovers. Sadly, those figures only go up to 2006- 2007, but that shows $165 million dollars collected in the state that year.

The best blog on this subject is Jack Bog’s Blog. He and most of his commenters have the same view of urban renewal that IFO does. Here’s a sample from a year ago (emphasis added):

Whatever is done there, another stupid city council should not be playing big shot developer with taxpayer money. They suck at it and never face any consequences for their lousy decisions. They just have their bureaucrats spin out BS to sustain themselves and whatever agenda they push.

That’s what Urban Renewal has become and it’s fraud through and through. Telling the public their “plan” generates the money is among many blatant falsehoods used to perpetuate this scheme making. The money they play with ALWAYS comes from skimming from surrounding property taxes over decades. ALL of which then has to be replaced in order to fund the rising costs of basic services.


<snip> We live in a phony and corrupted region with rare demonstration of integrity in public office. — Posted by Ben | March 10, 2010 7:55 AM

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Someday, IFO will explain TIF (tax increment financing) to you.


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