Watch out for the new PC phrase – it’s still the SOSO BS


Hidden away (bottom left hand corner, inside page, next to last issue of 2011, local business paper) was a short item that tipped us off to the latest plan of the Envious Others to cut certain nations down to size. Of course, they didn’t put it that way.

Take a look: The Politics of Climate Change – Time for a Re-Brand?  Here is the key graf, if you’re too busy to read the whole thing:

As environmental marketing professionals, we believe it’s time to simplify the issue, starting with rebranding politically charged terms like “climate change” and “global warming.”

Re-branding means: change the name, leave all else the same. Here are a few telling phrases from the linked piece:

“We still have a massive disconnect between the science, which tells us what we need to do to avoid more dangerous climate change, and the politics.” — from a South Africa newspaper.

“But no matter what your beliefs are about politics and climate change, extreme weather is a reality.” Such misplaced certainty. Like the earth never experienced extreme weather before the industrial age. *sigh*

“Let’s try the same tactic for the greater good by rebranding climate change to represent what it really means — extreme weather planning and cleaner energy practices.”

What it really means: wealth transfer. “Stick ’em up! Hand me your wallet. Now!”

Proverbs, “Waste not, want not,” “A penny saved is a penny earned,” “A stitch in time saves nine,” have been around forever. They used to be mocked by the elites and intelligentsia as naive, simplistic bromides. Anybody whose parents and grandparents went through the Depression knows and still lives by these precepts.

Now, the PC phrases are “weather planning and clean energy practices.” No matter what, though, they are private activities and require no government actions, treaties, laws, etc. This is simply recognition that nobody who reads the news and weather reports believes the climate scaremongers any more.


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