More on collapse of bogus science (BS) on climate

From the same paper referenced in the post below, there is another article showing why “re-branding” is becoming an urgent necessity for the MCCC (Man-caused climate change) crowd. It’s because the cause is collapsing in the face of massive disbelief and ridicule.

“Why the WCI [Western Climate Initiative] still matters.” We mentioned this briefly in an earlier post, but here is more detail, showing despite the hopeful spin put on it by the author, that the whole structure of wealth transfer plans is melting away faster than a polar icecap. Oh, wait…

Here’s the key graf from that piece:

… political changes and economic challenges have dictated a reduction in the participating WCI jurisdictions. First, Washington and Oregon did not pass authorizing legislation in 2009 (even with Democrats in control of both chambers in both states) […] Next, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico voted in new governors hostile to greenhouse gas regulation altogether.

The program has always been promoted by statists, wanting more and more power to flow to their pals in big government. It has been batted down by facts, skeptics, scientists, meteorologists and the always-late-to-the-party Republicans (the EPA was promoted by Nixon).

The program has more lives than a cat, more shapes than a chameleon. When the ball was in Nixon’s court, all he wanted to do was save birds – proxies for the big, hard-to-understand concept of Environment and Ecology. Remember little grade schoolers talking about wanting to “Save the Ecology?”

Then came Global Cooling, along with nuclear winter (how did “nuclear” get in there?) Then, Warming. Currently, Change. Soon to be Extreme. Next, Clean, or perhaps, Save. Each new phobia campaign comes with one or two cute or iconic animals (bear cubs, birds, wolves, whales.)

Our modest proposal: for Change – butterflies (larvae) and moths (caterpillars), snakes (new skins.)

If they drop Change because it hasn’t caught the public’s imagination, and go directly to Extreme, how about giraffes (long neck), or dodos (just plain weird). For Clean, cats. For Save, squirrels.

There, got it all re-branded fer ya. All you have to do is focus-group it and you’re good to go.


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