Spanish government swearing in

We don’t understand enough Spanish to understand everything the people are saying, but their actions in the news feed linked below speak volumes. The Zurich newspaper, NZZ, was surprised that the new Prime Minister only appointed 13 ministers.

Swearing in 2011 Spanish government ministers


* The different accents of the ministers – farther apart than  regional US accents among our own ministers, i.e. cabinet members.

* Two ministers clicked their heels. After all the WW II movies IFO has seen, that was a bit creepy. One was fully Teutonic, the second was almost not a click.

* What were those books they were swearing on? (Juro = I swear). Some ministers put their hands/fingers on both books, some one or the other. The one on their left had the most recognition.

* Some ministers seemed to be good friends, exchanging brief hand-holds and pats as they went up to the swearing-in table and returned. Except for the heel-clickers, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly.

* Notice the spike heels on the four women ministers. The first one IFO could understand. She was tiny and needed all the height-help she could get. She’s the vice-president, too.

* The King and Queen are fascinating. Much like the English royalty.  Gracious and coolly friendly. Queen Sofia is very tall! The handshakes with the king were what we are used to seeing, but the queen received a cross between a hand-kiss and a hand-shake, so the effect was a sort of pumping action, with the ministers (men only), wafting her hand up to about an inch or three away from their lips.

* The women ministers curtsied to the Queen and in return got a brief abrazo and a European style kiss-kiss.

This is about the fourth peaceful, democratic change of government that Spain has undergone since Generalissimo Francisco Franco died in 1975.  He wasn’t a lovable guy, but what a wonderful legacy he left his people and how well they are honoring it!

Investment lesson: We are very encouraged about the economic future of Spain after looking at this video.


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