Re-posting: Open Letter from Chuck Wiese

We said we wouldn’t post any more on climate change, and we’re not. This is an open letter already posted on at least two other websites by one of the planned participants in the last-minute CANCELLATION of the November 29 Meeting of the Oregon chapter of the American Meteorological Society’s presentation on “Anthropogenic (Human Caused) Global Warming?”

Here is the letter in its entirety, published on54°40′ Or Fight!, a media watchdog in Oregon.

Open Letter from Chuck Wiese to OMSI Board
Posted on November 28, 2011

I am one of the presenters that was scheduled to speak on climate at this AMS meeting. I’m honestly wondering if you can appreciate the fact that what you have done would be viewed by most reasonable people as an act of ultimate rudeness, unprovoked hostility and an outrageous slap in the face to scientific professionals such as myself and the others who are more than qualified to speak about this subject in scientific circles.

The fact that you did this with no amount of reasonable notice ( and in fact, sending notice of cancellation last Wednesday at the close of business just before the start of a holiday weekend ) that would have allowed the AMS to locate a new venue and send out timely notices made this impossible to redo and reschedule for this particular meeting which smacks of an inappropriate dirty trick. This act in and of itself makes the cancellation appear to be one that is of a political nature, vacant of any amount of reasonableness, and done to deliberately torpedo the entire event.

I don’t have the letter that was sent to AMS Oregon Chapter President, Steve Pierce, to directly reference but he read it to me yesterday when I first received notice of the cancellation, and from it, he quotes you as claiming having ”peer reviewed” science for presentation was apparently an important requirement that was necessary for the OMSI Board to feel comfortable in allowing this event to move forward. A couple of points about that. You knew exactly what the general content of what this subject was about weeks before deciding this. You could have inquired long before you used this as an excuse. And had you done so, you would have discovered that all of the conclusions my group draws from are based upon scientifically peer reviewed and published physics that is in the founding record since the Einstein era quanta sized radiation and we now have the Planck, Kirchhoff and Beers laws that allowed for the works of Dr. Walter Elsasser from Harvard. This work was published and taught at most every accredited University that offered degrees in atmospheric science, meteorology and physics up through the 1970′s.

Had you even bothered to inquire, we could have shown you that whoever you have been getting your advice from has this concept backwards and inverted, which makes their claims to you non scientific and of a political nature, probably designed to protect financial interests. The reality of this matter is that the proponents of human caused global warming are claiming they are “mainstream science” and anything we apparently say has to be peer reviewed and approved  by them before anyone should accept it. That is an interesting concept from a group ( which apparently consists of professors at Portland State University and possible others ) who has forgotten and shelved the founding work which is at odds with modern day claims, and yet these universities and their faculty have failed to offer a SINGLE refutation to any of this work. The founding work was, in fact, substituted and supplanted with failed climate modeling, which we are ( were) prepared to show the OMSI audience before you pulled this despicable self serving stunt.

Another question for you all: What part of the AMS/OMSI sponsored “What Will The Winter Be Like ” conferences you have held yearly for several years were ever “peer reviewed” for presentation? You know none of them were. The question in your own minds never came up. Now, suddenly, it is a concern to you? How credible does this sound?

Here is the OMSI mission statement from your web page:

OMSI seeks to inspire wonder.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is a scientific, educational, and cultural resource center dedicated to improving the public’s understanding of science and technology. OMSI makes science exciting and relevant through exhibits, programs, and experiences that are presented in an entertaining and participatory fashion.
OMSI is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and relies on admissions, memberships, and donations to continue our educational mission, programs, and exhibits.

Core Values — We seek to inspire wonder by providing engaging science learning experiences because we value:
Learning: teaching, asking questions, sharing, experimentation
Creativity: making (new) mistakes, sharing ideas, innovating, pushing the envelope
Integrity: publishing visitor comments, staying open to criticism, having pride in our work, presenting accurate science, supporting honest communication

I am curious as to how you could explain your recent cancellation of this event could possibly be a parallel and compliment OMSI’s stated mission of inspiring, teaching, sharing ideas, innovating, presenting accurate science, supporting honest communication and ”pushing the envelope”. I am all ears. Your actions have squelched all of the objectives of your mission statement and it appears to me that political agendas are usurping the stated mission, and as such, this can and should raise legitimate questions about the tax exempt status of this corporation under Oregon’s non profit corporation laws.

Without further explanation from you as to the specific set of events that transpired that led up to this decision, I can’t decide at this point what part of the blame lies squarely in your court or possibly into others if you have been misled. But I am getting inquiries from media and I am not going to cover for OMSI if I don’t get the facts. As I understand it, OMSI buckled to political pressure from various individuals that included Portland State University. In fairness to us, we deserve to know who and from what groups that were influential in triggering the cancellation.

In this sort of a setting, anonymity just won’t cut an explanation and anyone who protects and would cover for such individuals is nothing more than a coward that is knowingly protecting wrong doing with respect to this corporations charter and mission statement. That is an abuse of power.

I am hoping for a peaceful resolution to what has happened here, but I promise you that without amends from you that start with identifying the complainants who you relied on to make this decision, this will get worse with time and it is not going to just “go away” as you may be hoping for.

Please respond in a timely manner.
Chuck F. Wiese


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