November, going, going…

Heinrich Seidel (1842-1906)

Before this month is over, we want to publish a poem by Heinrich Seidel appearing on our Literaturkalender – Gartenlust sent to us by dear friends in Switzerland. Calendar is published by KorschVerlag of Germany.

Hr. Seidel is described as a “much loved German writer of children’s stories and songs.”

The poem is described as a song:


One has to love such a month
None can rage like this
None can be so morose
And so without sunshine!
None with clouds that grumble so,
None with storm winds that growl so!
And how wet it makes everything!
Yes, it is a true grandeur.

Look at the beautiful slushy weather!
And the poor withered leaves,
How they dance in the wind
And are completely lost!
As the storm chases and twists
And they whirl around each other
And they rush without letup;
Yes, that is November fun!


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