Do people cause climate change?

We had been so looking forward to getting the perspective and data of two respected Oregon weather (not climate) scientists and a physicist, but the meeting has been called off. No reason. The notice said “postponed,” so no need for paranoia… yet.

Blog Post – MEETING POSTPONED (click here for info)November Meeting – “Anthropogenic (Human Caused) Global Warming?” – Nov. 29th – OMSI

The meeting WAS to be at OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry – with multi-source funding, but no state or local government money. As Wikipedia put it:

“OMSI is a non-profit organization and receives no financial support from the State of Oregon. The museum is funded in part by member contributions, public and private donations, community agencies, federal grants and fundraising events. The largest OMSI fundraising event each year is the OMSI Gala – a black tie party in January where visitors gather to show support for science education.[13]

The “no funding from State of Oregon” was probably put in, because supporters had asked the State for money and the legislature had awarded some, but the governor at the time vetoed a debt bailout bill in 2007.

Could it be that the organization’s precarious financial condition caused OMSI managers to nix the meeting because of its controversial subject matter? Why just last night, Brian Sussman was on late night radio, talking about his new book, Climategate.

Could the debate be heating up again?

Take a look at the last link we provided, there’s a video of Sussman’s appearance on a tv show. It is easier to gauge the believability of a person when you can see as well as hear him.

IFO knows how angry this makes true believers in MCGW (man-caused global warming) to hear, but skepticism and questions about motivations of scientists insisting on the veracity of the MCGW claims persist.

Stay tuned.


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