Obama said what???? Also, Cain smear job backfiring.

No, not the disdain for Bibi Netanyahu that Obama shared with Sarkozy that was overheard over supposedly turned of mics.

We’re talking about his public speech saying “America’s been a little bit lazy.”

Is he trying to lose the election? Maybe he’s tired of all the travel and golf. Maybe he’s making room for Hillary. We are hearing more and more people mentioning her name. And even though she has definitively denied having that ambition, we’d bet she could be convinced to change her mind.

And while we are on politics tonight, here are some startling reports from the week just past on the Herman Cain smear campaign: How David Axelrod and the Chicago Machine Smeared Herman Cain…  The linked blog also has a link to the original Ann Coulter column which uses past history and impeccable logic to make the connection, including the fascinating information that the most recent accuser lived in David Axelrod’s apartment. Hmmm. There are other interesting coincidences at this link, too.

Cain isn’t backing down anyway. Could it be because, according to this Washington Post blog post, he has  rock-solid support from his wife of 43 years? And look at the picture of that woman! She looks strong, beautiful, calm and very intelligent. Cain obviously married up, as most recent presidential candidates have.

Investment lesson? There is no investment lesson in politics this low down! We will say our respect for Mr. Cain has gone way up, though.


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