Are we overdosing on quirky promotions?

The latest social media links may be on the verge of apathy. And other techniques for clever new, high-tech promotions may just leave us too weary to react. This Yahoo news piece shows how the quirks have to be clever and attractive. Not all are. It’s hard to be creative, folks.

This becomes clear to us as we read the excellent Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Jobs was not a nice guy. IFO is so disturbed by his personality, that she has removed the cover of the book, that features his picture on both front and back.

But she can’t stop reading it, as she watches a troubled genius come to grips with the contrasting parts of his psyche. And she remembers that Apple products, until the iPhone and iPad, never got more than 20% of the market.

On the other hand, some non-commercial technical marvels are keeping us all safe and informed. Just watch this from KGW Channel 8 in Portland, OR of OccupyPortand, if it is still on when you tune in here.

The announcers came on for a while and they were breathtakingly fluent and serious and professional and to the best of our knowledge, they didn’t have a teleprompter. It’s like watching a slow train wreck. She has a tear gas mask hanging off of her elbow.

Good luck – how we see the pros and the cons of our high-tech New World.


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2 Responses to Are we overdosing on quirky promotions?

  1. Michael Morrison says:

    There is apparently only one consistent aspect of the “Occupy” bunch: piles of garbage.
    Though the video you tried to link to is gone, the story dated today, 13 November, quotes a calm and non-judging commissioner who just casually mentions the taxpayer-paid employees having to clean up a mess.
    Yes, your city’s demonstration seems to have remained peaceful, or at least non-violent, for which even we here 3,000 miles away are happy, but how many friends or converts do they expect to make when seemingly every single “Occupy” bunch leaves a lot of trash for others to clean up.
    It gives strength to the claim that “Occupy” people all want others to work for their benefit.

    • “There is apparently only one consistent aspect of the “Occupy” bunch: piles of garbage.”

      Also, the amazingly similar MOs in every city – the twinkle hands, the general assemblies, the repetition trick, the seeming lack of a concrete idea but plenty of confused complaints.

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