Political correctness on parade

The world of PC strictures has ratcheted way up recently with the “accusations” of Whatever against conservative Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain this past week. At the rate things are going, before long men and women will not be able to look at or touch one another in public. Professional comradery will be totally verboten.

Teachers cannot hug their students. That’s old news.

A respected, longtime football coach was fired because his superiors didn’t act on his report that someone on his staff was seriously abusing children, if reports are true. The idea, we suppose, is that the coach should have made a bigger stink about the alleged incident until the higher-ups lived up to their responsibilities and turned the staffer in.

Slang of all types will be banned unless it is uttered by entertainment figures in just the right political gang. But they should beware. Unbeknownst to them, the definition of the PC gang may change and they may find themselves in trouble.

The latest boo-boo (oops! can we say that?) is the horrible thing Brett Ratner said. Read it here. IFO is too shocked and shy to utter the horrible “slur.” She just knows that it is common language among high schoolers in the U.S. and perhaps elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

Has the world gone mad? Can we say nothing? Who has control of our language? What nameless arbiter of “what is right” has decided that no one can say or do anything without offending, hurting, or otherwise injuring some poor soul.

We’re warning you now – we are going to get on the bandwagon. And if you EVER say the word “Green” around us, as a certified sensitive Irish person, we will turn you in to the PC police so fast your head will spin.


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