Daylight savings time – joke? or evil plot?

Both. And more. Are you sick of being nagged to change all your clocks? Do you feel that someone is playing with your brain? Are you tired of being tired and disoriented twice a year?

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If you are tired and disoriented more than twice a year, you need to visit another blog. We are here for investors who eschew brokers, advisors and mutual funds, whether index or other, while searching for a decent and workable wealth-building strategy.

Pursuant to that, we visit topics seemingly far from the financial world. We call these “lifestyle” posts, because a key element of our investment philosophy is that your investing style must fit your lifestyle as well as your personality.

Back to daylight-so-called-savings, Rasmussen reports that only 27% of the population thinks that DST saves energy. The majority is right.

So says a study done at UCalSantaBarbara: “( — Daylight saving time is supposed to reduce energy use, but data gathered from a state [Indiana] in the US suggests it actually does the opposite.”

There are tons of other links to similar studies and opinion pieces. But what about your life’s precious minutes spent fiddling with your clocks trying to figure out how to change the time? How do you value that? You could be doing investment research during that time.

What about hotels whose employees have to change hundreds of alarm clocks and other timepieces twice a year? That link is a fluff piece from Yahoo!Shine, but the anecdote there isn’t fluffy:

I used to work at the front desk at a hotel and the daylight saving time changes always threw a big wrench in our day. About a week before, we made sure to put up a signs in the lobbies and public areas to inform the guests (and staff) of when the change will take affect and tried to remind guests as they checked in the day before the change.

During the night we set back all public clocks and system clocks and in the morning, housekeeping went into every room and reset the alarms and the coffee makers. With 120 rooms all with two clocks each, four clocks in the manager/owner offices, 10 in public areas, three computer systems, and one on the phone that controlled the wake-up calls that’s 258 clocks to reset!

Too bad they didn’t calculate the time x average hourly wage of the workers making those changes and the managers supervising them!, while out of date, still has an estimate of the national cost.

Congress appears to have felt we were not having enough of a difficult time so in 2007 they passed a law starting Daylight Savings time 3 weeks earlier and ending it one week later. This cost US companies billions to reset automated equipment, put us further out of sync with Asia and Africa time-wise, inconvenienced most of the country, all in the name of unproven studies that claim we save energy.

STANDARDTIME.COM SAYS: If we are saving energy let’s go year round with Daylight Saving Time. If we are not saving energy let’s drop Daylight Saving Time!

IFO, tired and disoriented today, agrees!


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