Broadcasting group in Europe


We had seen the letters “RTL” from time to time while watching TV in Europe, but were not curious about it until we read a post in Mish’s great blog. See our blog roll for a link to his site.

There he posted a hilarious RTL video which we will link here for you. It is an expose of members of the EU parliament and the HUGE paychecks they receive for what looks like no work at all. Watch them scurry away from the camera and reporter like cockroaches. Watch someone from the Green Party run into a wall in her haste to get away.

So, we were inspired to look this company up. IFO couldn’t find the word “solution” anywhere on the site. From what we can tell, it is a combination of Al Jazeera and Max Headroom with radio added. The company is almost completely owned by Bertelsmann AG, a huge, privately-owned, international publishing company based in Germany.

About 10% of the RTL shares are traded on a couple of European exchanges. RTL originally stood for Radio Television Luxembourg.

Investment lesson: follow your curiosity and look for creativity, even if you end up in a blind alley and unable to invest in your find.


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