OccupyWhatever losing steam

Yes, they are losing steam, but watch out. If our speculations are correct, they will go away for a few months, but resurface next Spring in a stronger, more virulent form.

We wonder how many “protesters” are Useful Idiots? Urban dictionary says that’s a “[t]erm invented in Soviet Russia to describe people who blindly supported the likes of Lenin and Stalin while they [L & S, not the UI’s]committed atrocity after atrocity.”

In any event, their work is almost done for the moment: they finally created a “victim” or maybe a “martyr,” a requirement for this exercise. Others have gotten good experience being arrested, hopefully having gained bruises which they’ll claim were done by police. Promising actors will be trained in private, ready for action in the spring.

Note that ACORN is playing a behind the scenes role in the OW movement.

Another term, used decades ago, was Pinkos, or Commie Pinkos, defined by IFO as dupes of more hard-core Communists. Possibly not card-carrying members, they still “blindly supported” Communist regimes and programs of all kinds. Many dropped out of the movement when Stalin signed a peace treaty with Hitler.

Wikipedia agrees with our definition, but goes into the history of the term:

The word pinko was coined by Time magazine in 1925 as a variant on the noun and adjective pink, which had been used along with parlor pink since the beginning of the 20th century to refer to those of leftish sympathies, usually with an implication of “effeteness.” In the 1920s, for example, a Wall Street Journal editorial described supporters of the progressive politician Robert La Follette as “visionaries, ne’er do wells, parlor pinks, reds, hyphenates [Americans with divided allegiance], soft handed agriculturalists and working men who have never seen a shovel.”

Wow. Does that sound like the denizens of OW’s around the country, minus the filth and unkempt aspects of today’s movement? Note that the term has been defanged figuratively and literally. Used to be commie pinko and is now used by the pinkos in derision – a great way to turn an insult around on the insulter.

One thing about politics, you rarely see humor. Sarcasm, yes, but no humor. BTW, the activists described above probably comprise only about 10% to 20% of the demonstrators. That’s all you need.


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