How is OccupyWhatever like the herpes virus?

The Herpes Virus - Credit: Shutterstock

As we are sure you have noticed, the media have a very, very short attention span.  News of all kinds (murder trials, search for lost infants, Occupy XX) only lasts about three weeks – four max.

So, clearly the OccupyWhatever movement has just about run its course — for now. Here a new, creepy thought intrudes. We discovered a new website, perhaps destined to join our prestigious Blog Roll, called “Right as Usual.”  Yesterday, the author, John Hawkins, put up a couple of posts that bear serious consideration.

The insight in the first post: OWS – Occupy Wall Street’s Eventual Goal, was that “the goal [is] to work on building the followers, and guid[e] their thinking.  Over time, this technique has real potential – to build a mindless herd of followers, who will act as their leader decides. ”

The writer quotes himself from another blog discoursing on the same theme/meme as well as the technique of The People’s Mic:

“By having unconnected, disaffected, and aimless people echo the speaker’s words, the radicals are building a mass army.  Don’t be deceived by the fact that this protest will melt when the weather turns bad.  They’re using it to work out strategies for the next round of protests, as well as groom the masses for indoctrination and bringing them into their sphere of influence.”

In the next post, Hawkins elaborated on this: Ridicule won’t work…

“Too many people are minimizing the OWS crowd as aimless. Exactly!  That’s what the organizers want.  They want them jobless, dumb, and manipulatable.  They are using the college-educated to build their army of second-tier leaders from them; the semi-educated to serve as the combat troops (that a few are practiced thugs/criminals/rapists/etc. is a plus – you always need a few who aren’t afraid to wield weapons), and an amorphous, vague sense of injustice.”

We agree with this analysis. We saw it during the Viet Nam protests. Where we disagree with Hawkins is his vision of their final goal: control next year’s elections. We see a far more sinister goal – cancellation of elections. This could be done by having serious, continuing, accelerating protests grow in violence and become total riots (see Arab Spring), so that Pres. George W. Bush’s Department of Homeland Security and the other security agencies can proclaim: “It is too dangerous to hold elections in this climate.”

So, yes, like the vicious herpes virus, the initial infection will disappear and be forgotten, only to pop up again in a new and more painful location.


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3 Responses to How is OccupyWhatever like the herpes virus?

  1. Geo. McCalip says:

    Do you make money as an investor by being completely ignorant of what you are investing in? I doubt it.

    Why are you investing your time in knocking the Occupy movement when you are obviously abysmally ignorant of what is really happening?

    I’ve been to the local (Long Beach, CA) Occupy and talked with a number of people who have been to to other locations. None of us are experiencing anything even remotely like what you are writing about.

    At least read a blog entry from the Austrian Perspective blog:

  2. Geo. McCalip says:

    You are obviously intelligent enough that you could make a valuable contribution to the conversation. Is it too much to ask that you consider doing that?

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