Gilad Shalit is free!

We were so relieved when the young Israeli soldier finally came home today. We realize that this is a very complex ethical case, especially since the Israeli government will be freeing more than 1000 of their own Palestinian prisoners.

We were shocked to see how pale and thin Shalit was. And to see the tanned, and well-fed Palestinians smiling and making their hand signs for victory was not a pleasant sight. But he’s home and we wish all the best for him and his family and his village.

Many Israeli families lost family members to the actions of the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah fighters. It was hard for them to see the convicted perpetrators released, but Israel and its defense forces have an ironclad rule: leave no soldier behind! These are the ethical considerations that have troubled Israeli governments every time such a swap has been made.

And, now that we can breathe again after holding our breath since the announcement of the pending prisoner swap a week ago, we can tell a joke that has had us chuckling for days.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu must not feel too bad about the 1000 Palestinians to 1 Israeli prisoner swap. After all, he got the Israeli for half price!


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