What’s going on with Toyota’s ads???

Recently we’ve been getting highly annoyed by a radio ad that Toyota is running. Not only does it have the longest-running speedtalk boilerplate at the end of the ad, but it begins with some 20 seconds or so of nonsense questions. E.g. “If your laundry offered to sell you oranges would you buy them?” Our answer: “Yes, if they were good oranges.”

This was, we assume, an effort to convince to get our Toyotas serviced at our Toyota dealers. But what the ad writers probably don’t know about a popular promotion offered by Les Schwab Tire Centers for the past 48 years was Free Beef to boost slow sales during February. From their press release:

The company expects to give away more than 100,000 pounds of beef through party pack gifts, which consist of summer sausage and beef jerky or frozen steaks and hamburgers. Les Schwab purchases the beef from local USDA Certified locations to support the region’s cattle industry.
– Customers receive free beef when they purchase two or four new passenger or light truck tires.
“We have a history of providing service that goes beyond our customer’s expectations,” Capp said.

A year and a half ago, Toyota was struggling to get out from under the bad publicity associated with some safety issues. The LA Times had an interesting story on the problem.

Some of their video ads are pretty cool – they just show the vehicle and say how great it is. Good advertising practice. But recent radio commercials haven’t mentioned Toyota until halfway or longer into the ad. What is going on? Does the company have any metrics to indicate whether those ads sell more cars?


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