News from Eastern Europe – mixed, as usual

Ms. Tymoshenko wears 6" spike heels in order to see eye-to-eye with politicians

A person we learned to admire several years ago as Ukraine struggled for its independence from Russia and Communism during the 2004 Orange Revolution was Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of one of the country’s political parties. A tiny, beautiful, fiery orator with long, traditional braided blond hair, Tymoshenko had served as Prime Minister until she was defeated for re-election by a person many Ukrainians suspected of having tendencies toward dictatorship.

The state accused her of having made some kind of bad deal with Russia for the sale and transmission of natural gas to and through Ukraine to Europe. Now, even though the new Ukrainian PM is thought to be a Stalinist, or at least an admirer of Putin, Russia is protesting her conviction. Funny, eh? It’s this kind of twisted politics that makes most Westerners just decide to stop paying attention to Eastern Europe.

As for Poland, the party proportions in the Oct. 9 election held  through to the final count and the Polish Civic Platform will continue to govern with the help of the Polish People’s Party for a parliamentary majority.

The Palikot’s Movement people are called leftists, but they sound more like quasi-classical liberals. OTOH, we do have the Western media describing their positions, so who really knows? Anyway, they got more votes than the People’s Party, also called Peasants or Farmers Party.

BusinessWeek says: “Janusz Palikot, the head of Palikot’s Movement, said he was ready to support the Civic Platform-led government without asking for government positions. “We are ready to support a government that Poland is waiting for: a government tailored to face the crisis, to face the challenges, a breakthrough government of the 21st century,” Palikot told reporters.”

They sound so polite when they talk for the press. We have no idea how the discussions go behind closed doors.

This stability may be what is cheering stock markets this week. That and a somewhat phantom agreement between Germany and France to continue to bail out heavily debt-ridden EU countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.


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