McMinnville (Oreg.) fame on national Yahoo

A friend sent us this link to our local paper ––1316028611–1613–

Next thing we knew, it was on Yahoo! The video has gone viral, so the News-Register didn’t get any credit in the Yahoo! post, but we think they deserve a mention.

The best part? IFO knows Mr. Huffman. He has been a real contributor to the health of the community in McMinnville. During local festivals, he and two other friends, all about his age, sang on Third Street, the main downtown street, wearing straw hats and fancy barbershop quartet-style clothes.

What a great day for the Huffman family.

N.B. IFO couldn’t post the video itself because it froze her travel laptop, so we urge you to cut and paste one of the links to listen and watch.


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