Obama gets it right

We’ve all spent lots of time bashing poor Pres. Obama, though not in this space. However, in spite of the many wrong things he’s done, let’s give him some credit when he does something right. It looks as if he is finally getting the messages being yelled at him from the right and the left.

The Right should be happy to read these headlines:
Obama halts controversial EPA regulation
Obama to drop smog plan, Republicans claim victory
[Note: it is not a ‘smog’ plan – it is a small change in amout of ozone allowed to be put into the air. Ignore all the pro forma outraged rhetoric from enviros.] Environmental regulations have gotten out of hand. They are killing our economy. They. Must. Stop.

The Left should be happy if he is really pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s hope so. We need the billions of dollars being spent on these misbegotten adventures to come back here into private hands.

Speaking of defense spending: “The Pentagon houses a daily working population of approximately 24,000 employees, both military and civilian.” Do we really need that many people working there?

If we do manage to get past the fighting over the budget, we may actually get some very necessary spending reductions in place in time to avoid economic disaster. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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