How professors win bigger grants

College professors are constantly on the prowl, looking for more grants. But how? There is so much competition!

One successful technique is to pick up currently fashionable words – like “social” or “games.” These examples also help create intriguing titles for talks that contribute brownie points back at good old Behemoth University.

These ideas came from a flyer we just got for a series of lectures set for the 2011-2012 academic year. We saved the best for last. If this guy doesn’t haul in millions in grant loot with this title, we’ll eat our hat: “Energy Breakthrough: Nano-Solar.” The lecturer is from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, formerly known by its denizens, who happened to include our DDH, as the Rad Lab, as in the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory.

Wikipedia has an extensive description and history of the name and how it was used deceptively almost from the very start.

The name Radiation Laboratory, selected by Loomis when he selected the building for it on the MIT campus, intentionally was deceptive,[3] albeit obliquely correct in that radar uses radiation in a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It was chosen to imply that the laboratory’s mission was similar to that of the Ernest O. Lawrence‘s Radiation Laboratory at UC Berkeley; i.e., that it employed scientists to work on nuclear physics research. At the time, nuclear physics was regarded as relatively theoretical and inapplicable to military equipment, as this was before atomic bomb development had begun.

Our only connection with the Berkeley lab was in its cyclotron development mode, when, 15 years after the WW II, to keep those federal dollars coming, they promoted the use of the cyclotron as a cancer treatment. Later, the cyclo-boys turned to “atom-smashing” and top physicists competed to make theirs the biggest.

So, how did this turn into nano-solar? Why it combines the fading star of nanotechnology  with solar. Solar has support from environmental whackos. Solar energy “research” has been funded with millions and millions of dollars through Democrat and Republican presidents for decades and with no progress.

So much for the free energy that uneducated, clueless liberals believe in so fervently.


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